New Beginnings

She Who Spoke has come to life…cheers to new beginnings!

It’s been one day since I grabbed this domain off the market, and I’m so excited to get started. I literally think I’m driving my boyfriend insane so far. I kept him up until 2AM yesterday to help me choose a theme for this site. Am I still choosing themes? Yup. lol.

But hey, you have to invest all of you into the things that you love. Into the things that make you feel inspired. Into the things that bring you joy.

This brings me joy. 

I cannot wait to embark on this new journey with She Who Spoke. I cannot wait to share my thoughts and views with many readers. I cannot wait to help others overcome some of the obstacles that life might throw their way–if anyone knows about hitting a bunch of life hurdles, it’s me.

Life is beautiful, and I am so happy to share that beauty.



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Welcome to She Who Spoke!  A blog focused on life, love, and the power of positivity.

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My name is Paula, and I’ve been through quite a journey over the last few years. With this, my perspective on life changed. I started to focus on what it all really means. Initially, I started writing for fun, but it ended up turning into so much more. Several of my pieces have been published on different platforms, and I feel so lucky that my words and ideas were chosen to be shared with thousands of people around the world.

I enjoy writing more than anything else. 

I started this blog in order to share my thoughts with others. My hope is that this can help readers overcome difficulty in their lives, whether big or small. Most of all, I want this to be a place in which readers come for some positivity and light.

The most valuable lesson I have come across is that life is short. Value the people in your life, value the opportunities you have been given, and value what the universe has provided. We live in a society that wants more, but it’s important to stop and think: is this what I really need? Sometimes it is, however, it’s possible to find that it’s the simple things in life that make it worth living…

The content of this blog is purely opinion based. I am a licensed therapist, and will sometimes discuss things within my scope of practice. If topics are based on issues in which I am not qualified, or require further reading, I will attach a link.

All photos posted were taken on my iPhone (so basic, lol). Each photo inspired me in one way or another, or provided me with a thought-provoking response. I hope that you will enjoy the visual representations of my journey!

**New entires will be posted every Thursday at 8AM PST** 

Since the Monday blues can bring you down, take a break from your busy day, grab a tasty snack, and take a peek!

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Welcome to She Who Spoke! I look forward to getting to know each reader who visits, and hope to hear from you often!

Be happy. Be well. And be kind to yourself and others.

Enjoy the little things.

Spread love like confetti…



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